Crime Prevention Is Our First Priority

KIPPA’s number one priority has and always will be crime prevention on the park itself. This is reflected in our budget and currently just over 40% of the budget is dedicated to improving security of the industrial park and crime prevention (You can see the BID documentation under the BID Renewal section here).

As part of our pledge to protect Kimpton we pay for night patrols as well as installing and maintaining a series of CCTV & ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Cameras.

We also have worked hard to cultivate good relationships with the relevant authorities. We work closely with the police and in particular the safer neighbourhood watch team help in maintaining the safety of the industrial park.

Thanks to the financial investment and hard work with our partners The Kimpton Industrial Park has had NO major crimes since 2016.

Night Patrols

Since 2009 KIPPA has paid for night patrols on the industrial park, including extra cover during holidays. Originally Hiring CHUBB Security who were bought out by G4S in 2012, we have since switched to All Security Ltd in 2017.

All Security Ltd

All Security Limited has been established since 1969 and holds SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding and key holding services.

KIPPA pay for 2 patrols per night every night at varying intervals, we also secure extra patrols to cover periods of inactivity such as bank holidays. We will usually notify members when these extra patrols are scheduled.

All Security also provide a key holding service as well as a 24/7 emergency response to any alarms. If members wish to use these services they can get in contact with them using the details below.

All Security Ltd Logo - Night Patrol Service to help prevent crime.

All Security Limited
SBC House, Restmor Way,
Wallington, SM6 7AH 
Tel: +44 (020 8643 2151)  +44 (020 8643 2152)
Web Site: 

Monitoring The Park – CCTV & ANPR

KIPPA BID LTD has invested significant sums of money installing a large number of CCTV & ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras to monitor the Kimpton industrial park.

We Currently have 18 cameras on the industrial on the industrial park.

We pay to maintain them and when necessary pay for new cameras or to replace cameras that are no longer up to the required standard.

We will keep members updated when new cameras are purchased or upgrades are being made. We will often post news articles when relevant.

Current Map of CCTV Cameras

The footage from the CCTV & ANPR cameras are stored for 30 days with our local police station which is Sutton police station. This includes the number plate and photo of every car that enters the estate thank to the ANPR cameras.

Working With The Police

An important part of preventing crime on the estate is our relationship with the local police. As previously mentioned the police are integral part of our CCTV monitoring as they store the footage for the cameras and are able to monitor them when required.

Our local police team is the Stonecot Safer Neighbourhood Team, we work extensively with them to make the Kimpton industrial park as safe as possible. We communicate with them regularly on improvements that we can make to security and have helped us maintain the low crime rate on Kimpton.

Maintaining a good relationship with them has been very beneficial and one of the ways we do this is with each BID we have provided them with a patrol car. The current model is a Hyundai from the Ancaster garage, the cars we have provided can be seen below. Click the link for the individual news items.

Get in touch with the SNT Police (Safer Neighbourhood Team)

SNT Police Stonecot Website
020 8721 2492 (not to be used for emergency calls) 

Metropolitan Police Logo

Incident Reporting

If you witness a crime or have an emergency always call 999

Always report criminal activity to the police, in order for us to monitor the success of our security measures please report any incidents to us at We will do everything we can to ensure any issues you have get resolved.

If you find any waste fly tipped on the estate be sure to let us know we have an agreement in place for Veolia to remove it. Fly tipping is a crime and should be reported to the police as an active case should you see this happen.

Likewise for the removal of abandoned vehicles please email us so we can monitor the situation, to report an abandoned vehicle visit The London Borough of Sutton website.