BID4 Renewal

In November 2023, businesses in the Kippa BID area will be asked to vote in a ballot to renew the Business Improvement District (BID) for a fourth, five-year term starting in April 2024.

Safety and Crime Prevention are our number one priority. We have had no major crime on the industrial park since 2016.

KIPPA BID Limited is a formal Business Improvement District. It began in 2009 following a successful ballot of local businesses and has subsequently been renewed twice in 2014 and 2019, when 98% of businesses voted in favour of the BID.

The area has almost doubled in size in the past ten years, with new flagship companies and new opportunities coming to the industrial park.

VOTE YES FOR THE BID to keep the area SAFE and SECURE and for another FIVE YEARS of services, lobbying and support.

You can read the full proposal and supplementary information below:

BID4 Brochure - Front Page

Bid Levy

All businesses inside the defined BID area are required to pay the BID levy which is separated into bands based on the rateable value of the business. The exact figure payable for each band is listed in the table below.

The Levy is collected annually by the London Borough of Sutton on behalf of KIPPA and is due on the 1st of April each year. The Bid Levy will be increased by 2% per Annum as stated in the terms of the BID agreement.

The Levy can be split into staggered payments via Direct Debit however these must be arranged through the London Borough of Sutton directly, email for more information. The London Borough of Sutton are authorised under the terms of the BID to take legal action in the event of non-payment.

Table of Bid Levy Payments Due 1st of April 2024

BandRateable ValueAnnual Payment
AUp to £20,000£391
FOver £170,000£3,655

BID3 Renewal 2019-2024

BID3 Summary BID Proposal for Renewal

As of the 1st of April 2019 KIPPA BID LTD successfully secured its third term, as a result of a 98% vote in favour of renewal.

Thanks to the support of our members, Kimpton is safer continues to expand. We will continue our commitment to keeping Kimpton safe and making further improvements to the industrial park.

For more detailed information, including a breakdown of our budget, please see the documentation below.

Previous BIDS

Additional Documentation