What is a BID?

a BID or Business improvement district provides additional or improved services, identified by the local businesses. This could include extra safety, cleaning or environmental measures.

BIDs are business-led organisations. They’re funded by a mandatory levy on all eligible businesses after a successful ballot. BID levy money is ring-fenced for use only in the BID area.

BIDs are backed by the government and allow the businesses within an area to have greater control of their operating area. For more information visit the government website About Business Improvement Districts.


We are a Business Improvement District (BID) for the Kimpton Industrial Park in Sutton. Our number one priority is and always will be crime prevention. We aim to keep Kimpton safe for our members. This is reflected in our budget where over 40% of the bid levy is dedicated to crime prevention.

We also aim to improve the general infrastructure to help improve traffic flow and general efficiency of the park. We achieve this by working with local authorities to green light projects which are funded through the BID Levy.

KIPPA BID LTD is recognised by & working with the government, supported by the London Borough of Sutton and Partners; including TFL (Transport For London) and the GLA (Greater London Authority).

Formation Of KIPPA BID LTD

In 2004 SOLOMAN (The Society of London Manufacturers, no longer trading as of 2018) managed to get together a number of like minded business people working towards improving the environment and standing of the industrial park. The result of these talks saw the formation of KIPPA (Kimpton Industrial Park Proprietors Association). Initial funding was raised through voluntary contributions from some of the businesses involved combined with members of KIPPA volunteering their services.

During 2009 a grant was obtained from the London Development Agency (LDA) via SOLOMAN. The funding enabled us to launch an official campaign for the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID). With the support of all the businesses, Sutton Council and SOLOMAN the BID was formed. KIPPA BID LTD commenced it’s first 5 year term as of April 1st 2009. The original BID area was much smaller than it is now, as the photo from the original BID brochure shows. To see the full original BID document visit our BID Levy & Renewals page.

Original BID area from BID 1 brochure about KIPPA BID LTD's Formation.

Early KIPPA Projects

CCTV & ANPR Camera Sytem

With the assistance of SOLOMAN KIPPA obtained a grant of £15,000 to install additional CCTV cameras and ANPR (Auto Number Plate Recognition) cameras. The ANPR system stores the number plate and photo of every vehicle for 30 days in the Sutton Police Station database. KIPPA has since invested a large amount of money expanding the number of CCTV cameras across the industrial park. The continued maintenance of these cameras makes up part of the annual budget of the BID.

Night Patrols

In an effort to reduce crime KIPPA has introduced night patrols for the industrial park, including additional patrols during holidays. We also paid for signs advertising this outside various businesses. More information about the current night patrol service can be found here.

Kimpton Road Width Restrictions

After prolonged negotiations with the London Borough of Sutton Kimpton Road has been opened permanently (previously was only open 2 hours morning & evening). This was agreed by applying a width restriction to prevent heavy industrial traffic but allow cars and small vans.

Road Signs

KIPPA lobbied for the changing of the major road sign at Abbots road on the A217 to stop HGVs turning into Gander Green Lane. Successfully changed the sign on the of October 2009 after two years of negotiating with TFL. Further improvements were made to the signs on the A217 and A24 July 2014. KIPPA is still actively working on improving the signage further.

Future projects that we are planning or have been completed can normally be found on our news page.